Outdoor electricity!

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Warmer weather means spending more time in the yard or your patio. Are you always running extension cords everywhere? Maybe you should add some outlets… to your yard! Some of the benefits of outdoor electrical outlets include:

  • Yard maintenance is easier. 

If you use an electric mower, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, or any other electric lawn and garden tool, outdoor outlets are a must!

  • Entertaining guests is made more convenient.

Stereo, outdoor TV, water feature, patio refrigerator… make your yard, deck, or patio as comfortable as your living room!

  • Christmas light installation is easier and safer.

Or run lights around your patio or deck for evening entertaining!

As always, when considering an electrical job, you should consult with a licensed electrician, for both safety and code reasons, as well as to determine if any permits are required. Two main things to remember about outdoor outlets:

  • Outdoor outlets should never be installed near water.  It should go without saying, but water and electricity don’t play well together.
  • Use GFCI Outlets. Not only are they code, and weather tight, but they have their own breaker. if they trip, they won’t trip the main breaker in the service panel.